Legal information

As established by art. 42 of the Community Law 2008 - Law no. 88/09, reported in the Ordinary Supplement to the Official Gazette no. 161, which implements certain community obligations, GIACOMINI S.p.A. undertakes to publish on its website the legal information specified therein.

Company Name: GIACOMINI S.p.A.

Registered office of the company: VIA PER ALZO, 39 - 28017 SAN MAURIZIO D'OPAGLIO (NO) - ITALY

Registration number and Office of the Registrar of Companies: 194845 - Novara

Capital actually paid in: € 50,666,520

Resulting capital existing at the last balance sheet: 50,666,520 €

VAT No.: 01792290031

Tax code: 01856080062

The company is subject to the management and coordination of ALBERTO GIACOMINI HOLDING S.a.s. di Alberto Giacomini.

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